Natural Soap for A Change

Natural soap? You’re thinking of making a big change. Never try and harm yourself again, you say. You’re ready to make it right and get it over with.

I know you paused coz you think you’re still taking risk. You’re not sure, but deep down you hope this is the right one.

Good! It means this one worth a shot.

You actually just found someone who understands you. Someone who shares your concerns about not just yourself but also the world. You’re looking at her right now. Someone that always goes a long way like no others, just to get what’s worth more.

You’ve been longing for an honestly handmade, natural soap and non-toxic skincare to nourish your skin.

You, my friend, is now at the right place.

Meet The Founder and The Soapmaker

I graduated in Industrial Design and served the industry for 10 years. I left my desk job for home based business. That’s where I am right now.

Today, I’m a full time soapmaker. I don’t only make soap became soap, but also apply natural ingredients that help to improve skin conditions. Many times I would go the long way from drying herbs to soaking oils to get those natural goodness in my soaps. I rather wait to cure my soaps for a month or two instead of adding surfactants.

It seems like a long process right? But hey, I don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t work.

I’m determined to use natural ingredients at most, but I’m not that hippy (No offense). For that reason I don’t deny modern cosmeceuticals – as long as it doesn’t cause harm to your skin – and most importantly give you result.

I came from design background so I love beautiful things and definitely apply them into the products.

Are you a big fan of essential oils? Well so do I. I study thick books just to understand them and I got myself preoccupied over and over blending one to another, to figure out how the scent comes out.

My customers love scented soaps so I do use fragrances and colors sometimes. Of course, they are fragrances for soapmaking so they are safe.

Anyway that’s the least you need to worry about because I am very transparent about what I put into my soaps. Check out the ingredients listed on our website and you’ll find out everything to make sure you choose what’s right for you!

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