Handmade Soap Maker – Why Choose Us?

So you found us, your handmade soap maker. We can supply handmade soaps for you but you may be wondering, why should you buy from us? Here are several reasons why you should buy from us.

Quality Handmade Soap

Besides quality of ingredients that we use, all of our products are made with hand. Everything is truly handmade. Products are made in small batches to ensure the best quality a handmade soap maker can offer.

Unique Handmade Soap

Our product formulation especially soap is unique. Why? Because I did not simply take one free recipe to make all. Check the ingredients. The recipe is created in house. The selection of oils and quantity of each is unique to aim for your special need or skin type. We also use natural ingredients like green tea, black tea, goat milk, honey etc to feed your skin with nutritions.


It is more valuable than money can be. As a handmade soap maker, we are very transparent about what ingredients we put in and what process did we use to make our products. In every product descriptions, you can see full ingredient list. So I ask you, would you rather buy something you don’t know at all or the one that you know everything about it – one that we offer here?

Effective Handmade Soap

Herbs in this modern world are not acknowledged by everyone but many started to realize the benefits of herbs and switch from chemical to natural. However there are herbs and other natural ingredients that really work. Some ingredients are just myth but does not give any impact at all. We only use ingredients and formulations that work. I don’t like to waste my time making products that are not effective but selling fast because people believe that it can change their lives. Maybe I can make a lot more money that way, but it is not why I started this business at first.

Handmade Soap Users

My goal is to help as many people as I can. I may not be so strong to raise awareness about using natural products or to ask you to ditch harsh products or to make this world greener. So having you and some others that are already aware, I am here to offer you what I have.

Support Small Businesses. Support Local.

We are small and we are local. Besides being one, we also support other smalls and locals. How you ask?

1. We try our best to get supplies of our ingredients from local brands no matter big or small. Like the Lemon Lime Tea Soap, fresh local Boh Tea was steeped into the oils before making the soaps. Then our bestselling Goat Milk Green Tea Soap, we got the goat milk from local farmers. Unless the ingredients are not unavailable in our country, we always buy from local suppliers and grocery stores in the neighborhood. We try to get them from local farms and local markets too. It will be great for our country if we support local businesses. Read here and here.

2. Other than getting supply, we offer supplies to small businesses and even business newbies. We take custom orders and sell wholesale in low MOQ. We create the opportunity for other creative people to explore. This way, the circle will sustain and local businesses will grow.

So now you know. Every time you decided to buy from us, you’re showing your support to small and local businesses around the country. How amazing is that?


As a founder and maker for Aid to Fix, I am responsible for ingredients selection and formulation. I am a well-trained soapmaker and natural skincare maker who finished several courses (in soapmaking and natural skincare fromulation) with more than 1 instructors – in form of online courses, one to one theory classes and hands-on workshops. I’ve been making my own soap since 2016. I keep attending workshops and courses because I believe that we should never stop learning. Other than that, I also possess a collection of good quality books on related topics for my references. I never been happier than the moments I received positive and encouraging feeedbacks from my past and current customers 🙂

Excellent Customer Service

When you send a what’s app text to ask something, or email them to Aid to Fix, I will personally listen and respond to all your questions. I understand my customers come from various backgrounds. Many times I end up teaching my customers with something new for them. I will generously share my knowledge with you to help you decide whatever it is we are discussing at that time. Being busy with soapmaking and all, I can say I’m proud to be able to answer within 24 hours and still able to send you emojis 😉

100% Money Back Guarantee

I never had negative feedbacks on my soaps or other products. However, it is unfair if I don’t offer refund in case you may not satisfied with my products. Let me know what goes wrong and I will refund your money back. (No refund if the case is you chose the wrong product for wrong skin type. For example if you have dry skin and you choose a soap for oily skin. Therefore please carefully choose your product.)

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