Aleppo Soap / Sabun Ghar / Laurel Soap




Aleppo Soap / Sabun Ghar / Laurel Soap. Three names of what they call the same soap. They make this Soap with olive oil and the precious ingredient – laurel berry oil or ghar oil.

Dream of Soap Makers and Soap Lovers

The legendary soap started in Aleppo (Haleb), Syria and has become a very famous soap. Many handmade soap lovers around the world wish to have it. You can read more on it here.

As soapmakers, many of us have desire to make our own version of Aleppo Soap. The major ingredient though (Minyak Ghar) is very pricy, especially here in Malaysia. I however manage to get quality ghar oil from Turkey, where the part of country was once been part of Syria. The ghar oil is collected from villagers around them where they grow ghar trees.

Our Laurel Soap

With the ghar oil I mentioned above, I cut the shipping cost down and made my own version of Sabun Ghar.

I also managed to place custom order of this soap from an experienced handmade soap facility in Turkey. They specializes in making laurel soap and other olive oil based soap.

Therefore you will be able to choose imported handmade soap or locally handmade soap (by aidtofix).

Now let’s see what are benefits of this soap 🙂


This soap nourishes hair ends, repair damaged and broken hair. It is also strengthen weak and fine hairs.

Problem Skin

It is long use for many kind of skin diseases such as eczema and fungi. That means it also good for acne skin.


It cleans deep into pores and relaxes your skin. It also gently and naturally exfoliate your dead skin layers. The gentle and conditioning formula of this soap won’t make your skin dry.

Extra Benefit

It has natural odor of ghar oil, which is kind of medicinal and herbal. Place it in your cabinets, it will help to prevent pest sheltering!


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