Rose Water – Organic Bulgarian Rose Flower Hydrosol




Organic Bulgarian Rose Flower Hydrosol is just how it is. The rose water that you get is extracted thru steam distillation process. We did not add other ingredients to it’s content because 🙂 we know you love to keep things minimal.

Besides, this Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrosol has everything you need for a toner or a hair detangler (or more!). It does not come from an ordinary rose flower, but the very famous rose, which is one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. It is very popular and always in high demand due to its amazing properties. And not only for beauty purpose but also skin care, medicine, aromatherapy, fine perfumery and even food and drinks.

Our Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrosol is therapeutic, cleansing, detoxifying and soothing. It is also acne-preventing, balancing, anti-aging and moisturizing. It comes in an easy to carry – cute pink – mist spray bottle.

You may use it as;

❤️Hydrating Facial Toner
❤️Make Up Remover
❤️Facial Mist
❤️Hair Moisturizer
❤️Aromatic Spray
❤️Body Perfume (Natural Rose Scent)
❤️Fabric Refresher
❤️Liquid Replacement in DIY Skincare

And many more if you are creative!

Organic. Suitable for all skin type.

Very recommended for soothing dry/aging skin, prevent acne and suits all hair types.

Country Origin: Bulgaria

Comes in 100ml spray mist bottle and 250ml refill bottle.

Additional information

Weight 120 g

100 ml Mist Spray, 250 ml Refill Bottle


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