Products for Sensitive Skin

Have a sensitive skin? The longer you use your regular cleanser, the more serious and costly it becomes.

I am sure you have heard about handmade soap before. But how does it help with sensitive skin? For starters, we make our soaps from scratch with skin-loving plant-based oils. In our hot/cold process soap, we do not add chemical ‘cleansing agent’. You surely are familiar with these words – SLS and SLES. Those are just ONE of the reasons why your skin may have reacting ‘sensitive’ to regular cleansers.

How about other ingredients? What about other products like your skincares? Have you thought about other harsh ingredients they have inside? Think about all those ingredients that you not even know how to pronounce them, let alone to know what it means.

We make our soaps with only selected and quality ingredients. None of our products made in large-scale nor made in a factory. If you notice in our shop section, we don’t keep too many stocks. Why? We are making them in small batches to make sure the ‘handmade’ quality is in every batch.