User Feedbacks

We received positive feedbacks from our customers and we’d like to share some of them with you!

"Hi Asne, I hope you're well. I just wanna update you on the Ghar Soap, I baru je start pakai. I actually lagi suka the Ghar Soap yang you buat, bau dia refreshing, subtle hint of herbs. The Ghar Soap from Mediterranean tu a bit strong smelling, not so much to my liking. And your recipe is more moisturizing. I'm not sure if it's viable for you to sell ghar soap as a permanent product but just wanna give you credit on your successful invention."
"I really love the Hair Oil Serum. It smells so good! It seems like my hair fall problem is reduced. The best part is - I can see new hairs started to grow! Thanks Aid to Fix. I now have half bottle of the hair oil left. I will order again once I finish this one."
"Sabun madu tu syok pakai, hilang bau tiak! Pakai sabun biasa, sabun buku ke, sabun cair ke, nak hilangkan bau tiak kena sental 2-3 kali. Baru ilang. Dengan sabun akak tu, sekali je. Hilang bau acem :)"
"Salam Asne, Alhamdulillah dah guna sabun tu. Sori baru sempat update. So far memang best dan suka sangat dengan kesannya lepas pakai. Superb masya Allah. Rasa kalau mix dengan aloe vera tu insya Allah lai moist jadinya. Syukur puas hati dapat simpan stok sabun pilihan sendiri macam ni"
"Hi Asne! Sorry for the late reply... I hadn't tried the soaps when you messaged before, but your timing is perfect.. I finished one bar today and you know what? It's a great soap! Thank you and well done! The delivery time was really fast and I appreciated you letting me know when the delivery was made. The soap is really moisturizing! As soon as I opened the box and felt it I could see that it would be moisturizing 🙂 Thank you also for sending the entire load, including the end pieces!
"Hey yes it's good! I like the soap very much. I can feel the difference with the body soap, it feels cleaner. The body soap cleans better than the normal soap.
"It feels so good using the soap that you made. Even though I am the type of person who's difficult to be consistent - But whenever a new pimple started to grow on my face, I'll quickly use your soap. Then I can be sure the pimple just shrink! "
"I've been using the milk soap for two days now. So far my skin is okay with it considering I have dry skin and eczema. After shower I feel clean and no itchy feeling. Congrats for producing good products!"
"Hi, I've been using the soap for quite some time (goat milk) and I like the soap is not drying on my skin. My skin looks better too, so thank you! I think mild soaps work best for my skin. So keep up the good work"
"I've used the hair oil. Alhamdulillah my hair fall problem has been decreased."
"Lips scrub is great! It makes my lips feel plumpy. I don't have to worry if it goes into my tastes sweet!"
"I use the hair oil for my kids hair. It is really good to use! I just have half bottle left. I'll let you know when to order next"
"Hye!! Loving the lips scrub... It smells nice. My lips feel soft right after using the scrubs!"